Can you tell me more about the J. Rubio brand and how they compare to the Z-Coil brand?

I receive this question almost daily. The two brands are really two different animals. The J. Rubio brand is a European comfort brand while Z-Coil is an orthopedic brand. You can read the 'blurb' to the right titled "Seeking Springy Shoes" for more information on both brands. I’ve personally never tried Z-Coils as I've been wearing the J. Rubio brand longer than Z-coil has been on the market. They have been in Europe for over 20 years and the J. Rubio clogs have been popular in hospitals throughout Europe for many years. The Z-coil brand is specifically sold as "Orthopedic Footwear" with promises of pain relief for a variety of ailments while the J. Rubio brand is sold as “European Comfort Footwear” and no medical claims are made by the manufacturer. Z-coil dealers also fit each customer individually and they cannot be purchased online. I have heard many good things about Z-Coils from ladies who’ve tried them. I also have many customers who rave about the pain relief and benefits they feel when wearing J. Rubio’s but they’re not sold to them as an orthopedic shoe or with promises of pain relief. Many of my customers have had a variety of pain issues including heel spurs or Plantar Fasciitis or have had previous surgeries, back and knee pain. Several have told me about taking the shoes to their doctor and receiving approval to continue wearing them. I have also been contacted by podiatrists wishing to offer them to their patients. Comments I receive from customers are posted on my website with more arriving almost daily. You can read comments at: http://www.jrubio.us/Testimonials.htm As mentioned above I have heard very good things about Z-Coils as well and point people to their website almost daily. If you have a pain issue and a Z-Coil dealer nearby I'd recommend trying a pair on to see if they would offer you some relief.

Is there a store near me that carries the J. Rubio brand?

The brand is offered in European shops but at this time they are not available in USA, Canada or Australia shops.  If shops start offering the brand we will add their information to the site. If you have a favorite local shoe shop you can ask them if they will consider carrying the brand.

Does J. Rubio produce any men's, athletic or closed shoe styles?

I'm sorry to say the J. Rubio brand consists only of clogs and sandals for women as they have for many years. There are no men's styles, no athletic styles or closed shoe styles. Please refer to the "Seeking Springy Shoes" section on the right side of this blog page. Included are some options for other brands that also have springs in the shoes.

Do the European sizes run differently on the J. Rubio brand as compared to other Euro sized brands?

Yes, the Euro sizes on J. Rubio run smaller than other Euro sized brands such as Birkenstock or Dansko. In this brand women need 1-2 sizes larger. Only whole European sizes are produced and there is size conversion information included on the left side of the "browse/shop" page of the http://www.jrubio.us/ website. Please refer to your regular U.S. Women's size and find the corresponding Euro size for J. Rubio.

Does J. Rubio produce any wide width or narrow width shoes?

The brand only comes in one width which accommodates most but not all women. The sandals having a wide base and adjustable straps handle widths from slighly narrow up to EEE comfortably based on customer feedback. Some customers who wear wide order their clogs a size up from their sandals (1/4” size difference) to gain extra width. Also the 118 Brown clogs are roomier due to the cut and many customers who wear wide wear that style comfortably without sizing up. The adjustable sandals & clogs handle slightly narrow but may not work well for extremely narrow feet. If unsure about fit please plan to save the packaging and try them on indoors in case you need to exchange or return them for a refund.

Are these shoes a cure for Plantar Fasciitis?

No, these shoes will not cure Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs or any other ailment. The manufacturer makes no medical claims about the shoes. The customers do say wonderful things about relief they receive from a variety of problems while wearing the brand but they are not sold as orthopedic shoes. Comments from customers are posted on the website and I welcome you to read them. Many customers have taken the shoes to their podiatrist for approval to wear and I do hear good feedback from customers as well as podiatrists wishing to offer them to patients. They do provide relief but are not a cure for anything. If you have further questions please feel free to email (laurel@jrubio.us) or ask your doctor about the brand.

Do you offer a return policy?

Yes, there is a 30 day exchange/return policy posted on the bottom of the "browse/shop" page. So long as the shoes show NO signs of wear, having only been tried on, they can be returned for either an exchange or refund. Shipping is not refundable. Shoes must be returned in original, undamaged box and be in brand-new shape as they were received. The return rate is only 1% with most customers sending wonderful feedback and purchasing again.

Do you have a catalog that I can receive by mail?

No, there is no printed catalog. The brand is small and stock changes so to keep overhead down the website is kept current. A simple brochure is sent with orders that shows basic items, describes the brand and points to the website for further information. If you would like to receive a brochure by mail please send an email to laurel@jrubio.us to request one and be sure to include your complete mailing address.

Seeking springy shoes?

I receive MANY requests for springy shoes. Not everyone is looking for the J. Rubio brand. Some are looking for Z-Coil while others just want information on springy shoes. I'm happy to point folks towards what they are seeking. There are several brands of shoes that feature springs. I'll outline a few and include links below to the websites for more information.

The J. Rubio brand which I import is a Euro comfort brand invented and made in Spain. They have been around more than 20 years and the line consists only of clogs & sandals for women. Though I receive wonderful feedback from women suffering from a variety of ailments the J. Rubio brand is not an orthopedic brand. 99% of my customers are very happy with their shoes and write comments which I share on my website. The clogs are very popular with medical professionals in many countries and is newly offered in the United States.

The Z-Coil brand is an orthopedic brand invented in the USA and made in S. Korea. I point people to their website almost daily as I have head good things from people about their experiences with Z-Coil. Each customer is individually fitted by a Z-Coil dealer in a shop. The spring heels can be rotated and adjusted many different ways depending on the needs of the customer. The shoes cannot be purchased online. Though they are not the most attractive shoe they do help many people. If you have pain issues and there is a dealer nearby you may want to try a pair on to

The Spira Footwear brand consists of only athletic shoes and were originally designed for runners. The springs are built inside of the shoe and cannot be seen. There are 2 springs under the ball of the foot as well as one under the heel. They produce both men's and women's styles of athletic shoes. I don't know much about this brand but I have heard good things.

Links are included below for more information.