J. Rubio Customer Comments

"Hi Laurel! I just received my clogs and they are WONDERFUL!! I love them - they fit perfect!" - Karen

"I have terrible pain from heel spurs and bad knees and found these shoes. They are absolutely wonderful. I can't believe how they help my knees and heels. Ordering more, thanks so much for bringing them to USA!" - Janet

"Rcvd my 4 pair of shoes yesterday ,I own at least 75 + pairs of reg. shoes ,I am going to throw them all away and just keep these...thanks laurel.." - Neva

"I am so amazed by the comfort that I just ordered another pair in a different style. I recently had surgery to remove a heel spur and have my achilles tendon reattached. I am now going through physical therapy to get back to walking, but my heel is still sore. I have been coming home from work every day with significant pain in my heel that lasts all night, aching even after I go to bed. But the first day I wore my new clogs, I had no pain at all! It was so relieving that I didn't even want to take them off and put on my slippers at home - I just kept wearing them until bedtime, and put them on again first thing in the morning. I've worn them every waking moment since then, and found that I not only have no pain, but more walking stamina and better posture! I realize that I am going to have to get a whole closet-full of these shoes because that's all I'm going to wear from now on. I just ordered the sandals, but plan to order a wide variety of styles & colors to go with my entire wardrobe. Thank you for going to all the trouble to import these" - Margie

"Laurel, hi and thank you so much for the quick delivery. I LOVE THESE SHOES! I've had heel and back pain at work for years and adore the little spring in my step now! Thank you and I'll be back for more." - JoAnn

Hi I just love the shoes! And, when I went to get my hair cut, all the gals in the salon were amazed by the shoes and said they want a pair too! Do you have a catalog that you could send?" - LuAnn

"Hi, I'm back. Just put in my 2nd order and I love these shoes. Just wanted you to know." - Cindy

"I received my brown and white clogs several weeks ago and they are excellent. I am a nurse and I wear them to work almost everyday since. I have gotten so many admirers who says that they are cute. I say they are great for the back and feet" - Myrtle

"Hi Laurel, I received the shoes, size is perfect!! Thank You, I wore them yesterday and got asked about them several times so am giving out the name of your website" - Shaylene

"Hi I bought a pair of clogs hoping that they would help my lower back pain. I have been A hairdresser for over 30 years so you can just imagine how my back and feet are. now I own my own salon and when I wore the shoes to work They made my back feel very good! So I will buy another pair and my clients are all buying them to. Plus there are cute!!!!Thank You!!" - Cathy

“I LOVE the shoes and have 3 pairs of them” – CJ

“I bought a pair of Rubio's in Switzerland three years ago. They are by far the most comfortable footwear I ever owned. Because of many operations to my feet, I have a 7.5 "EEEE" shoe size and I find it difficult wearing anything other than the Birkenstock sandal. Last night I wore the new J. Rubio black shoes and all looked fine. More over, I felt fine because there was no pain in the feet and I had a "springy" walk which resulted in a happy face. I could not have done this with a pair of Birkenstocks. Kudos to J.Rubio and you of course” - Brigitte

“Yes I love these shoes - My daughter just loves these shoes too! We purchased some when we were vacationing. Thank you for making these shoes available in the US Thank you.” – Carol

“I cannot believe how comfortable they are, I want to order a couple more pairs. Thank you so much for introducing me to them.” - Shelle

“I love them, I can’t wait to order another pair!” – Carla

“After a foot operation I didn’t think I could find a comfortable shoe, I did and I love the J. Rubios.” - Dee

“I am a HUGE fan of their shoes. I now have three others including the pair I bought in Germany.” – Dianne

“I have worn them for a few years but I always have to get someone to buy them for me when they go to Europe.” - Sheila

“I am very excited about these shoes. I am always being asked about them. I am very excited about getting these. Thanks for your prompt response. I didn't expect them to be arriving so soon. I can't wait!” – Didi

“These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, I want to order a couple more pairs. I love them and can’t wait to get some new colors or styles too – I’ll be buying again!” - Sue

"I got the shoes on Tuesday and I do think that they have helped my feet. Thank you very much for taking care of me and I will be letting people know about the shoes you are selling. Everyone at work was asking me is that springs in your shoes and I told them yes. It was to help my feet and back. Thanks again" - Debbie

"I just received my shoes. I am pleased with the way the shoe looks and feels on my foot. I do hope I can replace your shoes with the Z COILS I am currently wearing. I appreciate you getting them to me so fast." - Jane

"They arrived and I love them. They seem as good as the z-coils. I will have to get a pair of the sandals. Thanks." - Adrienne

"I received the clogs yesterday. I wore them to work today and I think they are so unique. I sit at a desk all day, but I get up to do things throughout the day. I love the spring in my step. I find myself getting up more just to take a walk." - Gale

"Hi Laurel, I received the sandals. They fit well and I love the style. They are a little stiffer than I'm used to because of the wooden bed, reminding me of the old Dr.Scholl's. But the footbed is cushy, perfect for the shape of my feet and I'm sure there will be some breaking in to do. I love the bounce and feel of the springs when I walk and again, the style is much nicer than Z-Coil." - Jan

"These shoes have saved my life. My feet are in terrible shape. I wear these as work shoes bedroom shoes etc. Thanks a mil." - Laura

"They arrived this afternoon - I have them on and walking around in them - feel great - thanks!" - Donna

"Arrived fast as promised. They are very funky and comfortable!!" - Dianne

"Total joy to talk to....fast delivery.......extremely comfortable clogs A+" - Shelly

"I love these shoes, they are life-changing to me at work, now the girls at work are all jealous of my shoes. I'll be back for more!" - Sabrina

"I got my shoes last night and they are soooooo comfortable. Do they come in navy? Let me know. Thanks" - Claire

"I got my shoes yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!! They are like walking on clouds, I never want to take them off! Thank you so much, I'll be back for more!!" - Geri

"Just rec'd my first pair delivered...love them...ordering another pair!" - Trisha

"Shoes received and on my feet! Love them. I get so many comments on them, if you want to send me some business cards I will carry with me and hand them out as people ask questions about them....thanks again" - Diane

"I just cannot get enough of these clogs! They are amazingly comfortable, and of course so cool-looking, they get complimented wherever I go. I have lower back and hip problems, fallen arches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, you name it... and walking is really a pain for me. These are really great for my legs while running errands allover NYC, as I do. I'm so excited to have found them and I will certainly buy more from you in the future!!! Thanks" - Desiree

"I got my Rubio shoes today and I JUST LOVE THEM. Thank you so much." - Ginny

"Just wanted you to know I am buying for people at work now....they are admiring my Rubio's and the "spring fever" is spreading. We all work on concrete...What a relief. Thanks!" - Bunny

"Hello. Your shoes are by far the most comfortable shoes ever. I am interested in ordering Style 2105 White Sandal size 39 please inform me when they are available. Also please issue a code. Look forward to hearing from you." - Clara

"Hi Laurel. I just wanted to let you know that I've had the brown and the aqua clogs for a few weeks now, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. Thank you again for such a great shopping experience. I am spreading the word around here about your shoes!" - Tori

“I purchased two pair of these coil shoes from you just about a year ago and I cannot begin to count how many times I've been STOPPED by strangers complimenting and asking me where I bought them. NOTHING I wear has received as much attention as these shoes! (That's not saying much for my black mini skirt, huh?!?!)  As I'm sure you have heard over and over and over, they are THE most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! I also own the other coil shoe -Z Coil- but yours are much more comfortable and much more stylish hands down! Oddly, I have only been stopped ONCE when I wore my Z Coil shoe and that was to ask if they were a custom medical shoe. I dare call that a compliment....  Needless to say your shoes are my very favorite pair of shoes I own. How can they NOT be?” – Jeni

“Hello! I got the shoes yesterday and I love them!!! I love these shoes so much! I love the red and white. Thank you so much!” - Dawn

“Laurel, I am so excited. I just got home from a Dr. appointment about my knee pain and my shoes were at the front door waiting for me! I found out I have arthritis in my knee. I opened the shoes and they look amazing. I have the clog style. I tried them on and I can’t tell you the immediate relief I felt on my knee. I know you’ve probably heard this a million times. I’m amazed every time I stand up and walk in them. The closest I can describe it is like standing on a trampoline. The impact of standing or walking is not so great anymore. I can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow. I am surprised at how the spring is almost not noticeable. I don’t think anyone at work will be able to tell because my jeans are long enough to cover the heel. Thank you for carrying them. I’ll be ordering more.” - Jena

“Hi Laurel, thank you so much for the new pair of shoes i just love them, no problems this week so far, I just couldn't ask for better shoes and I have been bragging about how much of a pleasure it has been to purchase from you, hopefully others will follow. Thanks so much for everything and look forward to doing business again in the future. Thanks.”  - Kathy

“Hi Laurel, I received my shoes today. I think that they are going to be great. I felt immediate relief when I put them on. But I mostly wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. It is rare to find such personal service like you give. I wish you success and all the best for you and your business. I will definitely be shopping with you again. Thanks again.” - Lisa

“Thanks so much. I can walk on mine all day and my feet and back don't hurt like they used to. I tore my Achilles tendon in early summer and my J. Rubio's is all I am wearing.  My doctor said there were the best thing for that.  Now his wife that also works in his office wants a pair.  I think people in the  USA are ready for them. Thanks again.” - Anneta

“I've bought before and LOVE THEM. I get so many comments and questions at work.” - Robin

“I have had problems with plantar fasciitis and these shoes have worked better than any I have tried.” Thanks. - Judith

I also get questions daily asking for comparisons between J. Rubio and the Z Coil brands. They are really two different animals as J. Rubio is a European comfort brand while Z-Coils are an orthopedic brand individually fitted for each customer. I have a 'blurb' which I'll paste below that answers the comparison question:

I’ve been wearing J. Rubio longer than Z-coils have been on the market as this brand has been in Europe for many years. The clogs have been popular in hospitals throughout Europe for years. I’ve never tried the Z Coil brand since I’m hooked on my J. Rubio’s. The Z-coil brand is specifically sold as “pain-relieving” orthopedic footwear while the J. Rubio brand is sold as “European Comfort Footwear” and no medical claims are made by the manufacturer which is part of the reason for the difference in cost. It costs a large sum to buy “dealership rights” and inventory to sell z-coils and open a storefront, fitting each customer individually. I have also heard many good things about Z-Coils from ladies who’ve tried them. I have many customers who rave about the pain relief and benefits they feel when wearing J. Rubio’s but they’re not sold to them as an orthopedic shoe or with promises of pain relief. Many of my customers have had a variety of pain issues including heel spurs or Plantar Fasciitis or have had previous surgeries, back and knee pain. A few have told me about taking the shoes to their doctor and receiving approval to continue wearing them. I have also been contacted by a several podiatrists wishing to offer them to their patients. The comments above represent emails or letters I receive from customers. Some women have actually also telephoned me to tell me how pleased they were, it is very nice. The manufacturer intends to keep this brand as a comfort brand and not orthopedic which helps keep the prices down. I only began importing them since I had trouble getting new pairs here in the states (it’s all I wear), I’d get asked about them everyday and I love the comfort level and little spring in my step. I just assumed they would end up for sale here someday and it never happened. I finally contacted the manufacturer (it’s a small company in Spain) and asked about importing them here. To my surprise they had a list of women from the USA and Canada that had been emailing or calling also wanting them. Some had found a pair in Europe or received a pair as a gift and wanted more, others had only heard about them. It has snowballed from there. I have no store or overhead so I can keep the prices down. I’m not profiting, quite the opposite actually, as all the money goes back to buy more shoes but I’m pleased to be making other women as happy with their shoes as I’ve been for so long (and I can keep getting new pairs myself J). I also plan to keep offering an exchange/refund policy as I assume that everyone won’t love them as I do but I’ve found the return rate is about 1%. The other 99% end up sending me awesome remarks about them. Thank you and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help.

Best Regards, Laurel

For those looking for more information on Z-Coils or where to purchase Z Coil shoes please visit their website: www.zcoil.com
There is further information about them and you can locate dealers in your state. As mentioned above I have heard very good things about them as well.